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  • Conducting the activities of IKSZ -Italos Karton Egyesülés (Beverage Carton Association) associating producers of beverage cartons, and cooperation with producers
  • Assist in planning and execution of key deliverables in the collection and recycling value chain activities
  • Identify the need for collection/recycling/projects/activities and propose a plan
  • Develop cooperation with relevant external partners like waste management companies/recyclers to improve collection and recycling
  • Promote sorting and recycling of milk and juice cartons, keep in touch with waste management companies, brokers, recyclers, relevant stakeholders, and opinion leaders
  • Represent the IKSZ in various industry associations.
  • Provide data for reliable accounting and reporting of collection and recycling rates
  • Collaborate with waste management companies and opinion leaders, and propose opportunities for legislative development to achieve sustainability targets and secure business success.
  • Lead/Execute local activities and secure actions related to circularity/ bio-diversity/ climate targets – education and public relations activities
  • Lead/Execute advocacy work in the market in collaboration with members and other associations.
  • Public Affairs tasks in Hungary and in the EU in the area of packaging waste, environment, Extended Producer Responsibility, and Circular Economy.

Job demands:

  • Master’s degree in a related field (Environmental protection, waste management, and public affairs, and/or economic degree)
  • Minimum 5-7-year related experience
  • Excellent organizational, and management skills
  • Good communication and presentation skills, active connection with relevant stakeholders
  • Good knowledge of Hungarian law in the field of packaging and packaging waste as well as separate collection and recycling
  • Overall knowledge of the legal situation in Hungary/ EU mainly in the waste and packaging area
  • Fluency in English and Hungarian
  • Public affairs benefit experiences


  • Variety of exciting challenges with opportunities for development and training in a truly global landscape
  • Market competitive compensation and benefits with flexible working arrangements
  • Flexible working hours and home office
  • Part-time working hours are also possible
  • Company car
  • Possibility to participate in local and global projects
  • Continuous improvement Please send your application to till 15 June 2022

Baka Éva ügyvezető Igazgató
IKSZ Egyesülés Budapest, 1119.Mérnök utca 37/c.,
Mobile: +36 20-9341-823